so: for that call for submissions for Long Hidden, I actually have 2 suitable stories that I wrote…oh god nearly two years ago…and would like some assistance choosing between them. I have no patience for any sort of complete overhaul, so basically I’d just like to shoot one of ‘em off because why not (i.e. my usual tactic, hey it worked the first time).

1. Such Lovely Creatures - #eating disorders and #mental illness, 1850s England, the heroine of the story is actually a mildly sentient beetle

2. Glad and Golden Hours - factory girls (who are probably kissing), electrical magic, weird allegorical religious pageant, 1910sish alternate history Great Lakes region

message me if you would like the google docs! and I will provide links over AIM or sth.

  1. counterfeeding said: I remember them both vividly from workshopping a bit at the time. Glad and Golden Hours looks a bit more “on the nose” with the call for submissions.
  2. moa-sting said: Yes please!
  3. cygnort said: squeaks ???
  4. greygoawaybird said: ooh i would love to read them!!
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